Any Network issues are Posted at our twitter (In Progress)
  • Priority - Low
  • Affecting Other - All related issues
  • 고객님!

    2016년부터 모든 네트워크 관련 문제,보안,유지보수 등의

    공지사항을 트위터계정에 올리겠습니다.

    Dear customer!

    Are you looking for any Network issue related announcements?  We have moved all related announcements to our twitter account at

    Is there any thing wrong with your service?

    Please visit our twitter account and see if we have posted any related issues. Please make sure you follow us.

    If you have any technical issue please visit our technical support department at :

    and send your tickets there.

  • Date - 2016/01/23 03:04
  • Last Updated - 2016/02/22 18:23