What is a grace bandwidth?


A grace bandwidth is a free additional bandwidth that we allow our customers to use in case of accidental over usage.

You will not be charged for the grace bandwidth unless you continue overusing your default allowed bandwidth. VPN, Proxy or equivalent usage should not rely on grace bandwidth ( even though our VPS will not disconnect them ). If you keep passing the boundary you have violated our terms of service and we have the right to terminate or refuse to give you service how ever we might decide to  charge you for the additional bandwidth and let you continue. That means the grace bandwidth is not a customer's right but just  some thing that we give to customers for accidental overusage.

If we feel a customer constantly overuses the bandwidth we reserve the right to completely cancel the account. We do not provide online bandwidth monitoring facilities for our clients but we do have our own tools for monitoring customers' bandwidth. If you need more bandwidth we expect you to upgrade or ask for other solutions.  If your server is offline due to bandwidth overusage you will need to wait for our staff reply in Office Hours Korean business day. Please do not contact our technical department until we get back to you.

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