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Color Picker
This color Picker is free and can be very useful when you need to get a color from your screen or any part of your browser 초급 웹디자이너들을 위한 컬러 피커입니다.
Filesize: 144 kB
Disk Space info
If you do not have a control panel this is a simple script which will show all the files in your host directory and on the top left you can see the total disk you have used. Simple but might be useful.easy to install just unzip it and upload the directory into your host and open the index.php
Filesize: 4.56 kB
Application for RDNS set up in Korea 인버스도메인 신청서
인버스도메인 신청서 Usually for a business located in South Korea and have a valid business registration.
Filesize: 74.4 kB
CSS Menu
These are some sample CSS menue you can use for your websites
Filesize: 190 kB
Links to useful tools
Some popular useful tools links
Filesize: 121 kB